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Nov 27, 2011
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Domestic Life [1]

Domestic Life

{summary: AU set in the future where men can get pregnant and gay marriages are thus accepted virtually everywhere, and in which Alfred is a CIA officer and Juan is a stay-at-home mom dad to their kids.}

{notes: Lol, what is that? First story here; hope you like. -Abella}



His daily routine was pretty simple. He woke up at six, made coffee and read the newspaper as his spouse made breakfast, smiled when the kids sleepily staggered into the room. Then it suddenly got loud and everyone rushed to his car.

He dropped the kids off at middle school, or high school, before making his way to work. He didn’t leave too far away from the Agency, so he could afford to take the scenic route. He usually arrived around seven-thirty; seven-forty-five at the most.

Then it’s work, unless he got a mission, and then it’s lunch, work again, then he got to go home. The kids were picked up at school by his spouse and he made it just in time for dinner.

T.V., newspaper, maybe help the kids with their homework, then he showered. Or bathed, if his spouse was in the mood for it and he could slip in. Then they watched more T.V., or did some last minute shopping for the kids if they had a project due soon.

By ten, all lights were out and most were asleep. Sometimes he and his spouse stayed up, or sometimes they went out for dinner for either the entire family or for just the two of them - in which case the little cameras he had installed back when they were newlyweds when he was paranoid about his being a CIA and his spouse being, well, his spouse, was quite handy.

That was Alfred’s neighbor’s daily routine. His routine was a bit more…chaotic.

The blonde woke up to his alarm at six o’clock am, on the dot. He groaned and contemplated on hitting the snooze button as the alarm continued, but the choice was made when his spouse reached over him and hit the top of the clock with his fist.

Somehow, Juan always hit the off button, not the snooze; something he learned during the first few months of their marriage and he was almost late every day.

So Alfred groaned and pulled himself out of bed, hitting the showers in their master bedroom. Sometimes Juan joined him and sometimes, the brunet couldn’t be half-assed to. Today he seemed to be in the touchy mood as he slipped into the shower moments after, still addled with sleep and leaning against Alfred.

He chuckled and washed his little damsel, of course, being the hero. Of course, he never called Juan that out loud; he’d learn after the fourth year or so of their relationship.

After a few minutes, they got out and put on their clothes for the day. On a work day, Alfred wore a suit with his trademark bomber jacket, and Juan wore a simple dress shirt and jeans. On an off day, Alfred wore a shirt and jeans instead of his suit.

They went downstairs, where Alfred made coffee and got the newspaper, sitting down at the head of the table, and Juan started on breakfast. In the middle of his cooking, the kids would stagger down, still sleepy although fully dressed, sitting down at the wrong places at the table. Once they were awake enough, they started arguing with each other until Juan simply told them to move as he placed breakfast on the table.

Of course, they were all Mama (Juan didn’t know about that part) Boys and Girls, so they did so.

They then ate their breakfast, some having conversations through food-filled mouths (like Alfred).

"So," the blonde started, shoveling eggs into his mouth, "Anything important on the agenda today?"

Johnny, their oldest and a junior, was the first to talk, saying, “I’ve got target practice after school, so you don’t have to pick me up.”

"Psh, he’s sneaking out to go drag-racing with his friends," Maria, their youngest child and seventh grader, told them, rolling her green eyes at her brother. Johnny scowled at his sister but said nothing.

Alfred grinned while Juan rolled his eyes. “That’s cool,” the blonde stated happily. Juan shot him a look, causing him to backtrack. “Erm…actually…no, that’s not…?”

The brunet rolled his eyes but said nothing.

"I’m going to the pool at the Y," Christopher, their second and a freshman, told them through a mouthful of toast.

"I have a study session next door," Maria stated, eating a piece of bacon shortly after.

"And I have National Junior Honor Society," Esmeralda said softly, their third and an eighth grader. She brushed her dark hair back, last to answer because she waited until she swallowed her food.

Then Alfred turned to Juan, who sat across from him at the other end of the table. The brunet glanced up at him before setting down his fork, calling the attention of the entire family. “My father is coming for a visit.”

A choking sound came from Alfred and Johnny was doing the Heimlich on him. Juan sighed as he continued eating, as did the others after Alfred was back to normal.

He cleared his throat, drawing all eyes on him. “Today,” he started in a serious voice, “I will commit suicide.”

They all rolled their eyes.




"And so! The in-law is coming! Not just that, but the father-in-law!” Alfred complained to his neighbor and fellow CIA officer, Paul Jackson, who gave him a sympathetic smile.

"My mother-in-law’s comin’ over today too," Paul commented. Alfred cringed and the other nodded. "Yeah, I know, right? An’ with no warnin’ either…"

Alfred sighed as he leaned back in his chair, hands on his face. “This is so not fair! I’m the hero!” Paul rolled his grey eyes, but nodded, used to his sort-of friend’s rants and complexes.

"Maybe we’ll get lucky an’ get a mission?" Paul suggested, trying to give hope.

Alfred simply groaned.


{notes: Well, by 2050, robot-human sex and marriages will be commonplace, so gay marriages and children should be too, right?
Of course, Al’s America, Juan’s Mexico, Johnny’s Texas, Christopher’s California, Maria’s New Mexico, Esmeralda’s Utah, and Paul’s the Confederacy.}

{Part [2]; coming soon}